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Library User Guide(English): Tour Script

Self-Tour Guide

POSTECH Library and Information Access Tour Script (revised 2/22/12)

Introduction (on 1st or 5th floor)

Hello. Welcome to POSTECH Library. This is here to help you succeed in your studies and research. This tour will guide you through some of the most important resources and services the Library has to offer. So let's get started.


Before we begin the tour, let’s briefly check the major information on the library. We opened POSTECH Library on April 23, 2003 after 20 months of construction. So it’s already been 14 years, now. Full-name of Library is Tae-Joon Park Digital Library, we named this library after POSTECH’s Founder, Tae-Joon Park. Now it’s the only library at POSTECH. This Building has 6 stories. On the 1st Floor, There’re 2 teams, and several research centers. On the 6th Floor, There’re a small cafeteria and roof-top terrace. Library Collections and Services occupy thru 2nd and 5th floor.

5th Floor

Let's begin our tour on the fifth floor of the Library. The Library is connected campus by this tunnel and the bridge. You can easily access the library. This is 24/7 studying areas. For your convenience, 5th and 6th floors are open 24 hours every day. In this floor, we don’t have any collections here, except ‘new books’ section. New arrived books, Magazines, Newspapers can be browsed in this section. To your left is one of the Library’s Quiet Study Areas. We’re trying to support your group studies and researches. We have 39 group study rooms in the same places on 3rd, 4th, 5th floor. Reservations for Group Study rooms must be made in advance via Library Homepage. Groups of three or more students will be able to reserve a group study room for up to four hours. It has varied size, rooms for 4 to 24. Some has white board, PDP TV. So you can bring your own laptop, and make a presentation. All the tables and group study rooms have network ports and POWER for using the laptops. You’ll find a Wifi Setting manual via HEMOS site.

4th Floor

This Floor is for Journal Shelving. We have about 3,000 titles of journals here. we only currently subscribe to 300 paper journals. But, we subscribe to about 10,000 electronic journals that mainly focused on science and technology. Off-campus access is also allowed. So you can access to e-journals wherever, whenever you are. Mainly, it can be divided into two section, Current Journals and Bound Journals. Here, you will find the most recent issues of journals, usually those published in this year(or last year). After one year in this section, journals are bound together and moved to that ‘bound journal’ section. The content in this area can NOT be checked out, but you can make copies. Photo copy machines and printers are available on the 4th and 5th floor.

3rd Floor

This floor has monographs and POSTECH dissertations and theses. The Library has around 250,000 volumes here. Books are arranged by subject. The POSTECH Library adopted LCC(Library of Congress Classification) System. LCC is a system for assigning alphanumeric sequences that group similar books together and dissimilar books apart. Call number ‘A’ start from here, Navigating the Library and Find books can be a little confusing at first, because it’s made up of a rotunda(round-shaped building). This is a Self-Circulator. You can check out or in books by yourself without librarian’s help. It’s easy. Scan your Library card on the machine. Your Student card is you library card. And then scan books you want to borrow. Check in is more easy. When you're finished, check the due date and success messages. POSTECH dissertations and theses are also available on this floor. Those materials can NOT be checked out, but you can download PDF full-text via library homepage. We have 50 computers for searching resources, each floor has 1 English Windows OS. I’ll send you the Library user guide written by English, how to access library’s homepage, mobile pages.

2nd Floor

This area is for bookshelves of reference materials like encyclopedias, yearbooks and maps. Those materials can’t be checked out. This is a bust of POSTECH’s founder Tea-Joon Park. It’s set up 3 month ago for celebrating the POSTECH 25th anniversary. Sadly, he passed away 2 month ago. DVD section is most popular collections in the library. We have 3,500 titles of DVDs include movie, animation, documentaries. You can check out 3 dvds at once with this self-circulator. After check-out, dvd cases are unlocked. You can play this in the library, and you can bring them to your dorm or home. This floor is closed at 10 PM. Librarians at this desk will help you with research questions, online search problems, or anything that will make your research time more productive. Librarians are here for students, so take advantage of their expertise and don't be afraid to ask for help!

1st Floor : One level down from Here has the IT Support teams.

Basement: Copy Services

Photocopy machines are located throughout the Library, but the bulk of them are located in Copy Services(Chung-Ram Sa) on the basement of Library. You should exit the Library through the main gate on the 1st floor and reenter under the basement. It’s near the parking lot.


This ends our library tour, but your adventures in the Library have just begun! We look forward to seeing you in the Library soon. Good luck with your first semester and academic careers here at POSTECH. Thanks.