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Turnitin: English


Contact Person: Annette Cho, Research Planning Team(, or 279-3667)

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How to use Turnitin


1. About Turnitin

Turnitin is a web-based, plagiarism-detection service, which checks essays, term papers and students’ works that are submitted through Turnitin for improper citations or plagiarism by comparing them with massive web pages and academic journals, and provides easy to compare, numerical results.


2. Features

- Most widely used plagiarism prevention service in the world

- Databases: current and extensively archived copies of the publicly accessible internet web pages, major newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, over 85 million papers and students' work, thousands of books, and pages from journals that publishing companies (such as Ebscohost, Sage, Emerald, Gale, etc.) possess.

- Side-by-side comparison

- Usable format: PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT Word Perfect, etc.

(Note: HWP is not acceptable)

- Numerical comparison feature shows the degree of the similarity by percentages.

- Unlimited upload and access

- Comparison span per paper: 2 – 20 minutes (varies by the number of pages)


3. How to use Turnitin

▷ Contact the person in charge by e-mail including the below information.

 - Contact Person: Annette Cho, Research Planning Team(, or 279-3667)

- Necessary Information : Name / department and position / POSTECH e-mail address / Purpose of use



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